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Da Etta

A place open all day, 7 days a week, from 8 am to 12 am.

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Open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week, from 12 pm to 12 am

The Pastry

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An all-day venue for every moment of the day

In 2023, the family expands with Etta, an all-day venue that combines the charm of the past with a touch of contemporary creativity. Every piece, from tables to chairs, from lamps to sideboards, has been carefully selected to create a welcoming and unique atmosphere. The spacious interiors make Etta the ideal venue for business dinners and private events. The presence of a large outdoor terrace contributes to making Etta the perfect place to stop at any time of the day. From breakfast to lunch, ending with an apéritif or dinner, in the shade of the Tiber Island and the historic Trastevere district. Located in Piazza in Piscinula, one of the most beautiful squares in Trastevere, which alone is worth a visit. ZTL access is free from 10 in the morning, and there is the possibility of parking in front of the venue.


Start your day with the right mood!

At our counter or comfortably seated at the table, you can enjoy the classic Italian breakfast with coffee, cappuccino, or orange juice, accompanied by a delicious croissant freshly baked in our visible pastry workshop.

Classic croissants, cream-filled maritozzi, cream-filled bombs, berry puff pastry braids, Venetian-style pastries… the creativity and skill of our pastry chefs will satisfy any palate.

Every morning, breakfast at Etta will be a true discovery!


Excellent raw materials to discover the flavors of the territory

Etta is the ideal stop for a snack or a quick but tasty lunch. Every morning, our counter is filled with a wide selection of delicacies carefully prepared by our gastronomes. All products and raw materials, from cold cuts to cheeses, from pickles to vegetables, are carefully selected and come from local farms and slow food presidia.

Stuffed focaccias, Roman white pizza, platters of cured meats, sandwiches, and gourmet paninis.



Tradition and innovation, the perfect mix on the table

The à la carte menu we offer at Etta, both for lunch and dinner, is constantly renewed, following the changing seasons. Our proposal represents the perfect combination of cuisine rooted in history and contemporary culinary creativity.

From appetizers to side dishes, at the core of our kitchen is a deep respect for raw materials and tradition. We have firmly rooted ourselves in local and national gastronomic culture and strive to preserve and celebrate recipes and flavors that have withstood the test of time, revisiting and adapting them while fully respecting their history.


A drink from Etta is forever

Etta is also a reference point for the aperitivo moment, which today has become more than just a simple ritual. It’s an art. It’s that special time of day when friends and family gather to relax, chat, or simply enjoy a drink. The cocktail list is extensive, featuring both the great classics of Italian and international tradition and signature cocktails born at our counter. To celebrate what is a true art, we also organize events dedicated to the drinks that have made history in the world of mixology.


Multisensory delight… The real sin? Not tasting them

The flagship of our venue is the pastry: sweets prepared daily in our workshop with top-quality ingredients and the utmost attention to detail. Every dessert created in our visible workshop inside the venue, from timeless classics to the most innovative proposals, is the result of passion, research, precision, and creativity. We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure the perfect blend of aesthetics and taste. …because sweets are enjoyed with the mouth but also with the eyes!

Our wine selection

Wine is Life

Our wine selection is truly rich. The over two thousand labels represent our added value, the result of continuous research in both Italian and international territories. At Etta, you will find rows and rows of bottles divided by type, region of origin, aging, and vinification method. All of this makes Etta a reference point for those who appreciate high quality and the right pairings between food and wine.

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Da Etta

Piazza in Piscinula 42/47, 00153 Rome, Italy

Roberta Grasso
Roberta Grasso
Posto MERAVIGLIOSO! Tutto quello che abbiamo mangiato è stato a dir poco sublime. Io personalmente ho ordinato una coda alla vaccinara e credo la ricorderò per tutta la vita. Indimenticabile. Anche tutti gli altri piatti assaggiati (carciofo alla giudia, grigia, amatriciana, brasato e tutti i dolci) erano davvero buoni. Stra consigliato! Speso 53€ a testa, con 2 bottiglie di vino. Direi prezzo in linea con quanto ordinato. Spero di poter tornare
Una delle carbonare più buone della mia vita. Tanto che dopo un carciofo alla giudia fantastico e una gricia mi son pigliato una carbonara al posto del dolce. Che Comunque ho assaggiato dai miei commensali… ed erano buoni pure quelli!
Enric Cullell
Enric Cullell
10 de 10 en todos los ámbitos, no hay queja alguna. Repetiriamos sin dudarlo!